Sunday, January 04, 2009

{Notes To Daddy}

Well it's official I'm a single mom. It's freezing cold here and windy as all heck. Lloyd left late this afternoon and will return late sometime on Wednesday night. I hope he enjoys his 70+ degree Dallas Texas weather & his kid free time.
I'm sure he was sad to miss my gourmet dinner tonight that consisted of Hot cereal & toast and a glass of ice cold milk this evening. I do pull out all the stops you know.
School starts up again tomorrow Hallelujah, I just hope the power doesn't go out with all this wind, knowing my luck it will and there goes my alarm clock! Well I better get back to cleaning and putting stuff away. I'm hoping to do a little craft later tonight before I hit the pillow. I'll post it tomorrow if it turns out cute!
Anyway the following is a note from the kids to their dad.
Dad, we just wanted to say goodnight and that we love you. 
We cried when we dropped you off at Russell's (they cried for an hour). We hope you have a safe trip because we have to go sledding when you come back. Oh and Mom did read scriptures and say prayer with us tonight and guess what? Our room is still clean and we are going to try and keep it that way so you can see it when you come home we love you and miss you already.
I just had to post this of Miss Addison because Daddy really does ROCK!
Please excuse my gratuitous use of la' flash. I hate this house at night. Custom white balance my behind.......

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  1. What a great letter guys! I'm sure he will enjoy it! You are wonderful kids for keeping your room clean. Help your mom. She's going to need it that next couple days. She misses your dad too!

  2. Love the great picture with all of the smiles..should make dad's heart melt! Hope you have a great week getting back to the routine!

  3. How sweet!!! What great pictures!! Hope Daddy is home safe soon!
    -sandy toes

  4. Rachel their all so cute! what a great letter I'm sure daddy will enjoy it! Have a great week

  5. What a sweet post... It is hard to see the daddy's go on trips, so here is to a speedy and safe return.

  6. It is always sad when Daddy goes away. I feel for you and yours.

  7. The important thing to hope for is that school is still on. Even if they are a little late due to the alarm clock PRAY they still have school! Just sent mine out the door. Sweet letter to your daddy guys! He will love it. Have a great day!

  8. i am so right there with you on the hubs traveling. i love him...and hate him when he travels. kid free the way...what is that?

    love the big smile and the bib...who cares about the flash...ok, i freak about it too.

  9. Sweet note from the kids. I can't wait to see what you have in the making. I like to come to your blog and see what neat thing you are making next.

    Wednesday is just a couple more days. With the kiddos hopefully in school, time will fly, right?

  10. Very sweet letter! Loved your dinner menu! I do the same thing! It is one thing the kids look forward to when Dad has to go out of town.
    Looking forward to seeing your craft that you worked on! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  11. Guess what??? Its 40 and freezing rain here in ole D-town, so at least your hubs isn't running around here in flipflops or anything fun like that!

    And who DOESN'T love a little dinner ala General Mills??? Kids- be sweet to your Mommy!

  12. ♥ I can't really say I'm thrilled school is back in since it doesn't reallly matter. It's just Emma... next year I'll feel MUCH different with twins in kindergarten full time... I can't believe how big Addison is and all her teeth! Crazy!

  13. Rachel,
    I know that it has to be hard, but on the bright side you can get away with stuff like cereal for dinner!! Your kids are ADORABLE!! Enjoy your time and hopefully it will pass quickly!!

  14. My mister is in California with the 70 degree weather while I'm freezing my behind off here in Utah....But I'm not bitter. Well, not much. Kids are cute, love the letter. Mimi

  15. Thanks for the note, you guys are awesome! I love and miss all of you. I'm glad your room is still clean and you're helping your mom. By the way it was a beautiful rainy 45 degrees when we landed in Dallas today:) Thankfully we don't have to go out in it, just have to sit in meetings all day (not sure which is worse:)

  16. Welcome to single mom hood! I love it tho. Peace and quiet monday thru friday. I do what i want when i want thru the week and then do all the housework on thursday, laundry etc to make it look like i kept up all week. I tell ya it's a great repeated vacation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! We are finally getting some snow here. I think my kids will have school tho tomorrow. I hope for my sake they do or there goes cleaning thursday! OH well if so. :)

  17. Cute pictures!

    Did you all survive?


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