Monday, December 29, 2008


Sorry for my lack of blogging enthusiasm lately but I think I'm in a funk.......
Okay I'm just going to rip the band-aid off fast and say the following.....
As much as I love all things Christmas & holiday's in general, I'm kinda tired of all the decor. I know GASP! GASP! I'm afraid it started back in Oct. Don't get me wrong, I love to see my home all decked out in it's seasonal finest but I just am kinda tired of it. I think it's going to be good that there are no more "holidays" for a while, this girl could use a break in all things decorish at least for a little while that is.
Am I the only one who feels this way?
Okay stepping down now, see told told you I am in a funk. Hopefully I'll be leaving funky town aka seasonal depression soon.
As per Christmas, we had a GREAT Christmas the kids had a wonderful time and they loved all their gifts. I'm still working on a monkey and a smallish house that I totally spaced off finishing. But Brinley has a birthday coming up in January so I'll save it for then. I captured this fabulous photo on Christmas eve and I use the term fabulous loosely. Ya gotta love Parker's EYES!
Me and my camera aren't getting along lately. 
So I'll take what I can get at the moment. :)
And look what I found under the tree on Christmas morning!. :) I sooooo needed a bigger KitchenAid, with 7 mouths to feed my little "Aid" has served me well, but her replacement is much appreciated. No more cookies or bread crawling out of the top of the bowl this baby is HUGE she holds 14 cups o' flour I think I'm in love! So thanks Santa! :)
Okay well I better get back to my day, my baby is crying (still) she was up last night until about 5 am this morning I'm just a wee bit tired. I think she might have an ear infection. Being a mom rocks doesn't it! ;)
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  1. I know what you mean, I am debating whether or not to take down the Christmas decore, or leave it up until after the New Year. But I am going to start packing and I am in a mood where I want to just pack everything except for the needed anyway, hope you guys feel better soon.

  2. I know what you mean...I just could not get into it that much this year...all the decor that is not for the reason for the season!

    I have mine down...just want to see some neat crafts from all the crafters in blogland...

    Love your KitchenAid...I want one also...maybe sooner or later I will get one.

  3. I took all my stuff down the day after Christmas...I'm so bad! I totally get what you mean, been there too.

    Love seeing the kids and your a lucky duck...I need/want a kitchen aid.

    Take care my sweets! :)

  4. ♥♥♥'n the KitchenAid and I am not even the baker in our house. Our 17YO daughter is, believe it our not. But we both have always wanted one.

    My husband and I did my her the Sunbeam version last year for Christmas but of course that's not the same thing. Kinda like apples and oranges!!

    As far as the Holiday decor. I am feeling the same way. But now it is just about finding the time (and energy) to take it all down!!

    BTW, ♥ the pic of the kids!!

  5. OKAY..word of wisdom! I have this mixer...after much use and a lot of sticky things..the piece that holds the "blades" came off. Kitchen Aid told me this has been reported you have to be careful! But, I love mine and use it every is dreamy! I think b/c we think it's restaurant "sturdy"..we really use it!
    -sandy toes

  6. Ooh you have my mixer... mama got it last Christmas for me and boy has it come in handy!!! One thing I have found is that it only likes double batches of biscotti, not triple (the huge batches, not the one I have this year on my blog).
    If it shuts down, just wait a few minutes and see if some dough crawled up where it connects- that's happened twice for us.
    We adore our mixer.
    I want my decorations down too and my house clean, but the little divas got sick day after Christmas and I need to conserve energy right now so I am in the same boat with that.
    Hope you get out of your funk soon!

  7. Your KitchenAid looks awesome! I'm glad you had such a great Christmas! I'm ready to get my house back in order too - so you're not alone there girlfriend! And I'm ready to find a PLACE for all of this new stuff! Seriously! LOL

  8. I'm ready for a more 'simple' house too..I think it will be easier to clean. But so far, I haven't been motivated to get started. New Year's Day is my goal!

  9. Love the kitch-aid. Blessings, blessings. This chick is a droolin' over it. I am with you with the deco. and such. It just seems to be bustin' at the seams and spilling out onto everything this year. I took everything down today and am feeling like I can breathe again. Good luck with that funk! Chin up!!

  10. I'll wait til New Years Day to put my stuff away. It's tradition and I'm all about tradition. But I'm ready any time. We all started Christmas way to early this year, so by the time it gets here we're all so over it. You need to try and get some sleep and hopefully you'll feel less funkish. I know it's hard, I remember those days. Hang in there. Mimi

  11. Its not just you- Just got off the phone with my sobbing sister- I think sometimes the holiday are even too much for "Big Girls"! Too much excitment, too much stress, just TOO MUCH!

    "This, too, shall pass..."

  12. ♥ I've been the same way! Usually I love the decorations and keep them up until the first of the year but I took them down Friday! It doesn't help that the stupid tree was falling over and on it's last leg and now will be going out with the garbage...

    Love the kitchen aid! Very nice that the goo will no longer be spilling over! :)

  13. Hi Rachael. Like you, I am ready to put it all away until next year. I would have gladly taken the tree down after the gifts were open ... I know that must sound horrible. I just like it all for the time and then ready to have our home back. :o) Your new mixer is fabulous! Enjoy all your yummy recipes!! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  14. I am in love too...yea for your Kitchen Aid. I would be in the decorating funk had I not gotten my things so late. Now the thought of all that work only to take it down a few weeks later is a bummer. Jan 1 for me. :)

  15. My decorations are down! The day after Christmas I chucked the tree out the door. All this snow has me funktified as well!

    Love your new Kitchen Aid!

    Here hoping you get out of the funk!

  16. i am so glad that all the "rush" is gone, but i love the tree. hubs makes us keep it up until after the 12 days of christmas is over. he's silly like that. and, i missed ur bloggyness! love the pic of the kiddos...

  17. Oh, I'm right there with you on the baby with an ear infection thing. Been dealing with a crier that has been awake since 5 am also.

    Glad you had a good Christmas!

  18. I feel your pain, Rachel, I do!! I am so lovin' your new Kitchen Aid mixer!! I love mine too, although it is just a smaller version. She serves me well!!
    Happy New Year!!
    Oh, and I have to use my little girl's birthday and Valentine's to get me out of my post-Christmas slump.

  19. Wow. Now that's a mixer.
    I'm jealous.
    I'm with ya on the Christmas foufou. I'm done.
    Hope you're out of your funk soon -you've been missed.

  20. Girl, I have the funk too... I was so happy to see the tree go and do some cleaning, the needles in the carpet were starting to get on my nerves... I am ready to move forward, thank goodness Christmas is only once a year, I need to mending time to get over the hype. Christmas gets so big that I get lost in what the real reason really is... I so feel your post! Congrats on the mixer... Looking forward to more to come!

  21. Must be nice to have something under the tree on christmas morning, i wouldn't know!!! But that will end hopefully in 2 years. I am on a plan. UGH! Depression, i had anxiety issues and was even on paxil for awhile. Then once we turned alternative i found i just needed a liver cleanse. All those emotions get backed up in the liver. I haven't had a problem since and it's been 4 years. I do one every year and i've been on top of it and emotionally haven't ever felt this good! Not sure if you have a health food store to look into one or not, but i highly highly recommend one for blues that last into a depression. If you don't have a health food store, look into one online. I can give you the one i do that's at the health food store if you want. Love the xmas eve picture. I have had lack of time for blogging but finally got some things up. Hopefully christmas pix are right behind.

  22. I know how you feel about the decore! I love to put it all up but there comes a day you are ready for back to life! My problem is that I broke my foot and am ordered off of it!!! It won't get cleaned up for a while longer now..... Moving around it all on my crutches is NOT Fun!

  23. Love that kitchen aid, I too am tired of the decor, and my little dude has been waking up in the middle of the night. I can relate.

  24. Fancy Kitchen aid! nice! Do you have a bosch mixer? Those are great too!!
    Adison looks so much older in that picture. wow! it didn't even look like her at first.

  25. OOOOhhh, love the mixer. I have a smaller one. Love it.
    And sharing all the Christmas decor in bloggy land has been terrific, but i think it has helped me be ALL OVER with the christmas decor. The last of mine is coming down today. Put away, finished for a year, done with the red and green.....
    I'm sorry your baby is sick; you've had a time with sickness lately. Here's to a healthier 2009. Get yourself some EmergenC. Cheers, dahling.

  26. No more holidays for a while? You've got to start getting ready for Valentine's Day... just teasing!

  27. It's Sunday going on Monday and my tree is standing still but with way less ornaments. I'm not stressing out like I did before Christmas came. It sure takes the fun out of things stressing out.

    Great kitchen-aid mixer! They are delightful!


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