Monday, November 24, 2008

{Nope Not A Craft Post}

Sorry no fun craft idea today but I have been doing this instead....................... 

I just started this morning at 7:30 doing daycare for 1 little girl (I'm so not a morning person) Her name is Ruby she's almost 2 and she is a cute little thing. She's basically been the perfect child today she has not cried once plus she ate a good lunch (she's a picky eater) and now she's napping for at least another hour (she sleeps from 1:00-4:00 or 4:30), so I'm sure tomorrow will be different. I really didn't want to do daycare but I figure the $500.00 a month will help out with some bills and getting some stuff paid off. ;)

 I could never go to work outside the home as the 2 kids I would have to put in daycare would basically eat my check. So here I am at home trying to help earn a little cash to help out the hubster. 
Plus I snuck in a little power nap this afternoon, that never happens!

Well I need to go find an old shirt why you ask? Well I found on a blog this afternoon the cutest turkey shirt idea, using an old shirt and one of the kids hand outline. Genius this woman is! Hopefully I'll get it made this evening that is if I can get my craft mojo on, right now I'm still in semi coma sleep mode. Boy I hope this post made sense..... Later!
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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I bet it will work out great once you get her in a routine.

    I know her mother appreciates your willingness to do daughter loves her son's baby sitter! It's just so much better than daycare til they get a little older.

  2. Guess what? I saw the same blog tute today & have already done 2! They turned out so cute. And talk about easy.

  3. I did daycare for eight years and it was the best thing so I could stay home with my babies. I thought I'd do it for a short time but found I actually enjoyed it and did it much longer. Hope the turkey turns out how you want it to! Happy Thanksgiving. Cindy

  4. What a lucky mom to find you to take care of her child. I hope the future days go as well as today!!

  5. I bet you will be a great care giver...the t-shirt sounds super cute! I think my daughter did something like that last year in Kindergarten..with her hands and a sweet!
    -sandy toes

  6. At least she's good. My friend keeps two girls that could make you want to pull your hair out.

    Can't wait to see the shirt...sounds cute!

  7. ♥ That'll be nice to have some extra bucks and what a great help that she's so good! :)

  8. So glad your little newcomer was good today for you! Hoping tomorrow goes off w/o a hitch, too!
    Gotta love those power naps~ they ROCK!
    Can't wait to see your turkey shirt.
    Happy Monday~ Les

  9. I am glad to know that this little girl has a good safe place to go! I am glad she has been good and you will get some extra cash....I would have been even more glad had you sneaked in a craft project...rofl! you really have me intrigued with the shirt and a turkey and a hand??????????? Hmmm AM I making sense? Off to bed i go. cherrry

  10. Good luck with the new day care! Sounds like you lucked out with a sweet little girl :)

  11. i do not do daycare...i can hardly handle my 4...i don't want anyone else's kids. once they are in high school, they can totally hang here as long as they want!

  12. I think its great you have found a way to help with the income! She sounds like a dream napper and that is probably a rare find!

  13. Hey that's cool you can bring in some doe. wow! 500 a month for one extra child! I love the name Ruby. We were thinking of that if we were to have a girl.


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