Saturday, October 11, 2008

{Yeah I'm A Little Excited}

And jumping the gun. And yes I know it's still the Halloween season (hence la' pumpkin in the pic). But I was roaming Wal-Mart late one night and came across her in the Christmas isle. I'm going to call her Teri the Topiary. I shouldn't have bought her, she wasn't in our budget ($35.00 sad I know) but somehow Teri made her way into my cart and seeing as she needed/pleaded to come home with me. I obliged her every wish and home she came. I am going to use her year round. I figure once the Christmas holiday is over I'll unplug her glowiness from the wall, whip out my ivy garland and wrap it around the Christmas stuff and Wha' La...... All season decor! . I've decided Teri's a multi-purpose topiary. Anyway run to your local Wal-Mart and grab a Teri of your own. I know you'll love her. Hmmm if only I could get one more..... :) Okay I'm going to go put her back in her box sniff.... but dang it, as soon as Thanksgiving is over (or maybe a day or two sooner) She's making her grand debut! I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas. I think I love it even more than Halloween.
On a more serious note, we had Grandpa Hug's funeral yesterday and it all went well. Grandma Hug seems to be doing pretty good and there was a lot of family support. Thanks for all the thoughts sent our family's way, we really appreciate it.

Oh and see that Hill behind the flowers? That is where Grandpa Hug was born it's called Pumpkin Ridge. I think it's neat that he is buried so close to where it all began.
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  1. Ahhhh that is soooo sweet...that you can see where he was close to where he is resting. Love Teri! Hey IF you have time which I DOUBT you do ...could you tell me how you do a etsy banner without it getting distorted. I am able to get the pixels down but it looks distorted....even at 760x100. Really I am NOt stupid. Maybe a little slow...hmmm. cherry

  2. I think Teri is cute. I would leave her out with one of those halloween garlands that seem to be around. And then just change it for the different seasons.

  3. Teri is a really lovely topiary...I can see why you couldn't resist...but I am so loving that ghost gourd!!!!

  4. Teri is great, I'm already planning on skimping on the food so I can fit her into the budget... that will be 2 weeks in a row since last week it was a candle centerpiece and an outfit for my daughter... but after all the food doesn't last forever but Teri will...

  5. I am going to Wally World to pick her up...she's a beauty!

  6. You're creating Christmas monsters, and we're not even past Halloween yet.
    So sorry to hear about your grandpa. you have had one crazy, busy week.
    Are you going to teach us how to make the pumpkins?

  7. I haven't even put up fall or halloween decorations yet. Waahhhh. You're making me look bad, and that's not good ;).

    I think that last photo you captured of Grandpa Hug, from beginning to end all in one shot is absolutely amazing.

    Sending a big hug your way.

    Oh and an award too if you want to collect it :)

  8. Hey Rachel!
    So sorry to hear about Grampa Hug. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. The picture is so special--especially with the mountain where he was born in the background.

    I, too, want to make the gourd ghost! It's darling! I'll chek and see if Teri made her way down south to my Wally World.

    I also read your precious post...girl, you are making me so tired!! All of those "things" that we have to do...bless your heart.


  9. I love Teri she is great! I don't think our Wal-mart has there Christmas stuff out yet. Great photo

  10. Wow, that topiary is beautiful in every way! When you consider she will be used year-round, $35.00 is very reasonable.
    Hope you can catch your breath now that so many of your commitments have passed.
    Beautiful arrangement on the casket & how dear that his place of birth could be seen from his place of rest.
    Mary Lou

  11. Sorry for your loss. I know it must be difficult. I saw Teri at Walmart today and smiled and laughed out loud because of your post.

  12. I love the topiary. That photo is so beautiful. I am glad it all went well. Your head must be spinning with all this stuff going on.

  13. Love that topiary tree!!! Every one needs a Teri of their own don't they!?!

    Sorry about your grandpa but that is a beautiful shot with his birth place in the background.

  14. Gosh that is pretty cute. I have been looking for some of those topiary trees so need to go see about those. Love the goud right beside least I am thinking it is one painted. Love it! Did you paint it?

    Sorry about your friend!

    Missed your blog about your baby turning 4...they do grow up way to fast. Mine will be four next month also. Love the pumpkin card annoucement...just simply adorable!

  15. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. That's a beautiful arrangement on the casket. Your photography is amazing! I love your little topiary too and can hardly wait to see the friends you put by her when you decorate!

  16. That photo is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  17. The topiary is great but my husband would kill me if I bought one more seasonal item--and it's not even Halloween yet! yikes! And I'm sorry to hear of your grandfather.

  18. Thanks for sharing the picture. What a great shot! It's almost as good as being there.

  19. Sorry to hear about grandpa; that is neat. I have to come back tomorrow and read about your topiary, my eyes are crossing and it's late. :)

  20. I have a hard time controlling myself too around the Christmas stuff in the stores. Teri is so cute I want to get one.

    I love that there is a place named Pumpkin Ridge. And to be able to say "I was born there" must have been a real "treat" for Grandpa Hug.And how cute to have the last name of Hug. Makes me just want to hug someone. :)

  21. First of all I think you are still way adorable! we all wish we were as little as we were 10 years ago.
    Second, I hate it when things ask to be taken home from the store, it would be mean and heartless not to help out.
    That always happens to me at second-hand stores.

  22. Hi Rachel~
    I really LOVE your topiary! She is beautiful! I will definitely have to break my own rule and head over to Wal-Mart! :)
    I think that is such a great idea to wrap it in ivy for the rest of the year! :) Enjoy! :)


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