Monday, August 11, 2008

{Things We Did In Tri-Cities}

We played with a little play dough...

Played on our little water park, well the other kids not la' baby...We heard no evil, saw no evil & spoke no evil...

And apparently Addison is short for ''Addiction'' as she was introduced to Milky Way Midnight bite sized candy bars... Thanks Grandma. :)

This shot taken just before the sugar coma set in...

Lloyd installed new vinyl in my parents el' bathroom...

He also installed this nice new entry, as it was just carpet before. He's ever so handy...

And Lloyd & I were able to go here while my folks babysat...

Then we took the kids here on the way home so they could see it.....

And of course one more, cause I'm their mom and I can... Okay & one of just me so I could prove that I was really on this little trip. And yes I asked to have my photo taken because they are going to need some form of photo documentation to hang by my casket when I die. Don't you just love my round fat Turkish woman face & old lady Relief Society arms? I so still/will/always & forever loath pictures of myself....

Alright I did do a little more than that on our quick trip, I did manage to finish the kids school shopping the only thing I have left to buy is backpacks. I DID NOT get to go to the fabric store (blasphemy) which meant I didn't get to smell all the cotton (still sad about that). Oh well enter online shopping, I also made a furniture purchase that I will introduce later (thank you value village, I just love a bargain with potential).

Oh and yes my baby has a black eye, that's what happens when one tries to climb up the back of a ladder back chair. Needless to say the chair won......

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  1. Nice job on the eye, Addison. Your family is so cute! And you are too...Your blog is one of the best.

  2. I love the picture of your kids and the temple. How do you get them all to smile and look so cute?!

  3. Love the photos! Sounds like a great weekend. The temple pictures are wonderful and you look great!

  4. I love how you include so many pictures in your posts--especially of yourself. I go to so many blogs, and I think, "I don't even know what this woman looks like!". You're a beautiful woman--show the world!

  5. You are beautiful! But I so hear ya on teh loathing pictures of yourself. I can see apic of me and my hubby will be all like "ohhhh, that's a good one of you" and I am so "WHATTTT??? Look at my flabby belly, and my fat-bloated-elvis face, and my teeth aren't white enough......". Why do we do that to ourselves?
    I am going to pick you apart right now.
    You have PER.FECT. eyebrows. PERFECT. I covet your brows. Hello? Your hair? Adorable. And do you even remotely look like you have 5 kids? I think not. You don't look a day over 25. If I could have a top lip, I'd be a happy woman. You've got nice lips. Ok, that sounded a bit weird, but I assure you, it's a simple observation. Don't even get me started on your complexion. Nice. Very nice.
    Anyone who can have kids that gorgeous is no doubt a looker herself!

  6. p.s. Curious about your thoughts on Breaking Dawn. I was disappointed for many reasons. Mostly because it seemd like Stephanie Meyers was desperately buckling inderthe rpessure of finishing this 4th book. It was all over the place. Thoughts?

  7. ♥ I was totally wondering about the black eye! :)

    Love the pictures. The flower are so beautiful right now! Dang on the fabric but yay for the furniture can't wait to see what you got! :)

  8. I have to beg to get my picture taken, and then like you I pick apart everything about it. I mean, why can't the photographer angle just right? you know? And, you're not sporting RS arms. Make those babies fly (you know, bat wings when they are extended) and then I'll welcome you to the club. :)

  9. Your dh is handy...I bet they are loving their new floors. I think the whole family looks great..INCLUDING you Missy! cherry

  10. Looks like a fun trip. I so understand the picture thing. You look cute. All anyone has seen of me on my blog is my forehead! The whole casket thing does make sense though.

  11. Looks like everyone was busy but still had fun! Glad you were able to get the school shopping done. My goal is to finish next week.

    I found the cutest back pack at if you are still looking.

    I know what you mean about the picture thing. When I am gone my children won't even have any pictures to remember me by.

  12. Rick and i never had a sitter to go to the temple since nick has been born. It's been 11 years since we've been. Sad.

  13. Love the pictures!

    Esp. the 2nd to last one... looks awesome.
    And way to go getting yourself in a picture.

  14. Rachel you are so beautiful!!!!!

  15. I havent been to the columbia river temple yet. But it is on my list next time we drive through there. Hopefully in the spring. This summer we did get to go to the Twin Falls temple with the whole family (before it was dedicated) And it was a great experience!!!

  16. Well I'm glad I nosed around. I see we are both members :) I love meeting other people from our church. I was born and raised in Utah and lived there for 40 years. I moved to New England 7 years ago and it seems I never see many fellow members. I came to blogland 2 months ago and have found TONS. I'm so glad to be here with all of you!!!


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