Sunday, August 31, 2008

{10 Months}

Ten Month Old Facts:
1. She now wears a size 3 shoe.
2. She loves a good grilled cheese sandwich.
3. She still only has 6 teeth.
4. She is trying her darnedest to walk.
5. She will only drink 6 oz of milk at a time (if that).
6. She is getting yet more blond hair.
7. She says Mama & Dada.
8. She loves to wave hello & goodbye to everyone.
9. She still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, not always good...
10. Her Binky is no more.

Phew thought I was going to miss it today. Darn that 31st rolling around so fast. Any ideas for a great Halloween themed 1st birthday party?
Ya gotta love a Halloween B-day, oh and sorry about the not so great photos of the babe, she's got a nasty little cold hence the red nose and was not feeling so hot today.

I made the onesie using photoshop and I used Bobbi's selective color tutorial for the color spot & I now & forever will be using her watermark tutorial. She has such great stuff on her blog so go check her out!

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  1. What a little cutie pie!:-) How about a Pumpkin Party? We did that one year for my daughter. We took a hay ride at the pumpkin patch, did pumpkin crafts, roasted marshmallows over a fire, and all the little ones got to take a pumpkin home. Your sweetie pie is a bit young for this, although it makes for great pictures! Lori

  2. What a nose and all! :)

  3. What cute the onesie!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  4. You rock. This post is perfect.....and, have I told you lately that you make really cute babies?

  5. THIS IS ADORABLE! Love that little onesie. You are so creative!
    WOW, no binky, that's awesome!

    Halloween Birthday party...hmmmm.
    Have you checked on Family They always have great ideas. A pumpkin party (like MysteryHistoryMom shared) would be adorable. "Our Lil' Punkin" theme.

    Are you going to have the party on the actual day? I have my birthday on Jan. 1st and growing up my mom always had my party in February when things were calmer. I got better attendance at my parties with the better timing.

  6. Happy Early Birthday!

    My oldest's birthday is early November, so we've done a pumpkin party before- i got lots of little pumpkins and had moms and dad and little kiddos glue yarn, pompoms, mouths, googly eyes etc. on to their pumpkin-kind of a no knives involved alternative to a pumpkin carving party. i think that was for my daughter's 2 yr party though...still fun!

    i'm sure you'll come up with a great idea-check out MarthaStewart's Boo-fet ideas, too.

  7. ADORABLE shirt! you could so send that to me- or send me the link to get one??? How cute!!! I love the pumpkin party for her b-day! how cute would that be!!!

    And how can you say that the pics aren't good?? ADORABLE!!! of course send them my way and i can PS them for you??

    as far as PS- I have NO idea what I'm doing and how to get it to you... but I do have something to send you- I tried it on my dads computer while I was home and it didn't work- so I can send you the application and then work and getting you the number- does that make sense????

    anyway- i hope your doing good and enjoying your kids all back in school! Mine go TOMORROW!!! yippee!!!

  8. Awhh Rachel she is a cutie!!! Love the outfit. Hope she has many more wonderful birthdays!

    As for a party themed around Halloween I am sure you will figure soemthing out. I am not real sure about that. My Lexi's birthday is the 13th of Novemeber and we are having her party the weekend of Halloween also. We are going to do something like an old town carnival...hay ride, bobbing for apples, musical chairs, fishing booth and small bon fire. Lots of grownups will be there so the fire will be nice to sit around. Going to also get have different halloween cookies for the kids to decorate with samples of icing, sugar spinkles and other little things. So with her being 4 she will enjoy this day. Look forward to hearing about what you do.

    Have a great Labor Day!

  9. Ok, she looks adorable red nosed and all. Love the onsie! I am really impressed with no Bink! Was it hard for you to give it up so early? :0)

  10. I like Lori's idea. My son's birthday is the 27th and one year we had a pumpkin/Halloween themed party for him. The kids painted little pumpkins to take home. I made a cake in a 9x13 pyrex dish and decorated it to look like a pumpkin patch with the pumpkin candies that taste like candy corn. I also made haystacks and took those scarecrows from Wal-mart(plant stakes) and cut the wood part down, wrapped it in saran wrap and put them around the haystacks. You could make a cute sign for the patch saying happy birthday to your little cutie. You could have the children dress up in the costumes. She could be cute as a little witch(if you like that kind of stuff) or a pumpkin. For Jackson's first b-day we wrote Happy 1st Birthday, Jackson on a pumpkin by the door. Have you seen in Family Fun magazine where they made mini caramel apples? So cute, they just took a melon baller and scooped out a circle from the apple and did it up like a regular candy apple. Much better than a huge one. You could use candy corn to put in glass jars to decorated. Have you seen Susie's garland that she made with candy corn. I feel like I am leaving you a book, I just love this time of year!!

  11. Cute girl and cute shirt! Love it!

  12. Those pictures are adorable! They look like they should be in a parenting magazine!! Good luck with the B-day party, I can't wait to see what you do!

  13. Addison is beautiful! Great pics!

  14. Can I tell you that I hope I'm having a girl cause then I can buy your old clothes? And send you shopping with my money???

    Addison is such a cutie!! You make 'em great Rachel!

  15. ♥ She looks pretty happy for being sick! I can't believe she is almost a year!!! That's crazy!!!

  16. What a sweetheart! Have you done any pages lately? I havnt done any since right after the 4th of July. I just got a bunch of papers that I am gidddddddddddy over though..I made a boo banner. I have got to get my craft room organized it is embarrassing. I hope the little one feels better soon...I don't feel so hot myself. cherry

  17. Of course you have to have a costume party. That's what Halloween is for! My youngest was due on Halloween but he was anxious and came on the 20th instead. :-/
    Your little 10 month old is gorgeous!

  18. Rachel, if you can make the onesie, you can digi-scrap . . . I swear! Start with templates and let me know if you need help. I'm not that good at it, but I have fun, so that counts for something.

    Addison is so stinking cute, by the way, red nose and all!

  19. No, no Halloween party ideas :) just stopping to say "Hi" and introduce myself...a friend shared your blog and I have to tell you how I just laughed at Addison and her candy bar, um, "problem", LOL! what a doll baby...

    anyhoo, "Hi"

  20. FANTASTIC shirt & pics & of course. . baby! Gotta love black & white for hiding red noses:) And the pic of her back!!! Brilliant!

  21. Addison is a doll! With all your creative juices, you will have a wonderful party for her, no doubt. I have two to throw around the same time, one a week before and one a week after. I am planning just family parties for them, very low key, but pumpkins sound fun.

  22. Those photos are precious - red nose and all! LOVE IT! I love how you used the selective coloring on these - so cute. And thanks for the link to my blog! So nice of you :)

    Now I'm off to devour the rest of your blog - looks good enough to eat!

  23. I agree with Rae-super cute Brown nose and all!
    You really just did this to be nice? You make me look like such a loser!
    Thanks a whole heep! So-how was the first day of school? Was it as fantastic as mine was?

  24. Cute pictures! She looks really happy for being sick. I can't believe it is time to start thinking about her first birthday already. Wasn't she just born last week?!

    Happy Back-to-School!

  25. Cute shirt! Wow, she'll be a year already. that went fast. Thanks for the Bobbi tip.

  26. Hello, I enjoyed the fotos of YOU. that's brave and you are cute.
    as far as b-days go, I had a friend in HS and SHE HATED being a halloweeen baby, so I always gave her homemade valentines.
    That being said. I like the idea of the tiny melon balled carmel apples. You could do a "SWEET AS CANDY party".

  27. Oh holy cute baby! Mine's just about one and I'm getting ready for the big partay next weekend!

    Thanks for the link to Bobbi's site! I'm now stalking both of you...heh heh heh

    You take gorgeous photos!

  28. Ohhhhh, give her a big sloppy kiss for me! I love your photos. My youngest is 8 now so I have to enjoy everyone else's babies now:) That is a cool onesie too!

  29. love the idea with the onsies! i ordered a stitchery form you and was looking around on your blog. my lil perry is a halloween baby too! i was so dead-set on her not coming on halloween, but she had other ideas. it's acutally fun now! :)


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