Thursday, July 31, 2008

{My Newest Addiction}

Rebecca: This post is not for you I know how you feel about the dyes. :)
Thanks to my friend Shauna who is blog-less (I'm working on her) but has good taste buds I have a new drug. Enter: Crystal Lights Immunity On the Go Packets, I love the Cherry Pomegranate & with only 5 Calories per serving I'm sold.
I've never been a Crystal light lover but these little babies just hit the spot when plain jane water just doesn't do it for me. From what I've heard the Strawberry Lemonade, Citrus Splash & Raspberry Lemonade are good as well.
Thanks Shauna I love my new drug.
And Honey, they don't call it Crystal for nothing.
Did you get that Jeanne? :)

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  1. I love those packets too! I have never tried that flavor and will now. Thanks! I also love minute maid light Rasberry/passion fruit in the can. It has few calories and tastes so good.

  2. strawberry orange banana is my fav. glad you have joined the addiction crew!

  3. Hi there...don't know what I missed...but I love the old patina of that door???? rofl....I am addicted to Archer FArms Strawberry Pomengranite from Target. A friend got me stuck on it. I like it because there is no caffiene. Thanks for coming and visiting me! cherry

  4. I'm very jealous - we have so little choice when it comes to lite drinks! I'm not a great cherry fan so I would have to go for the Raspberry Lemonade!

  5. ROFL! I saw the picture and thought ohhhh crud you're kidding me!!!!! Yes i won't preach how the red 40 causes bone, thyroid, colon cancer and it's petroleum and could give you insomnia, ear infections, hyperactivity etc. PROMISE! :D No wonder our food has gone up so much with the price of gasoline. I'd rather have it in my gas tank than in my food. Oh well at least you found something that makes life more fun for you! I use true lemon in my water. Travels well. and they will send you a free sample. :):):) Thanks for the shout out you crack me up. Love ya kid.

  6. ;) I got it...You crack me up

  7. Shauna also got me hooked that same weekend....dang it! I love them too!

  8. I grew up on Crystal lights at family picnics. my new favorite drink is Propel. Did you ever get to try the melon yet?

  9. We really like the orange mango crystal light. very good!!


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