Saturday, June 07, 2008

{ This Post Brought To You By The Number 3 }

Well for some reason this past Thursday my day seemed to revolve around the Number
1. I went to the kids last school assembly where my 3 kids got 3 awards they didn't know they were getting.

2. Then I sat through 3 Student led conferences where my 3 kids showed me all their accomplishments they did in school this year. I was at the school for 3 hours.

3. I made 3 Teacher thank you gift's (which I thought turned out stinking cute, thank you Heidi Swapp).

4. Went to Parker's last b-ball game & watched him Bat 3 times, I also was in charge of snacks so i took doughnuts & came home with only 3 left.

5. Then after the game I made 3 gifts for my 3 Visiting Teaching Gals (which I shamelessly blog lifted from Hilary you have such fabulous ideas thanks).


6. I used 3 spools of Kelly Green Polka Dot Ribbon making the 3 & 3 gifts.
Image via etsy
7. Then my friend Melissa (1) and I (2) took our VT gal (3) out for her Birthday dinner.

8. Then I came home and pondered how to finish my 3 Pear Urns that I want to decorate with (I have big decorating plans for stuff around my house I'll update those as I finish them).

See I told you 3's!!! I have never had a day like this one coincidence? 
I think not. 
Maybe I should start playing the Lotto. 
I'm thinking I'll use the number...

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  1. Cute post! Sounds like my kind of day, 3 has always been "my number" since I was born on 3/3 at 3:37! I love the VT gift, and I am loving the ribbon you have used on them, very cut!

  2. I really like those thankyou gifts. Very nicely done! I am ready for school to get out.

  3. ♡ Can't wait to see what you do with the pears! Love the polka dot ribbon! Very cute VT idea & teacher gifts!!! Yum on the doughnuts!!!

  4. Was funny i was gonna ask you if you played the lotto. Play at 3:33pm on the third day of the week. Just my suggestion. :) Maybe i should take your suggestion! Think i will. I'm very number oriented myself like that. 408 seems to be the number that keeps coming up for me lately. Time on the clock, the package of meat i bought, time left in the hockey game when i pick my head up. Strange.

  5. and now I am going to steal 3 ideas: VT smores! LOVE, LOVE. The teacher gift is brilliant! AND I'm going to eat 3 doughnuts. I feel better.

  6. Impresive. I am not really that impressed that the whole day revolved around the number 3, more impressed that you realized it or maybe a better term would be "paid attention" to it. You had a crazy day with all sorts of things to do, how did you possibly have enough time to sit and think about the number 3?
    Ok-really now I want a teacher gift and a vt gift. 2 things, lets see, i want something that you made that would make 3 gifts, just like your day. Crazy!!

    Did you ever go and look at the joys of home-she is on my blogroll
    she had some urns like that and they turned out darling! Go and see, unless you already did, if you already looked, go and look again, look at her whole blog-she is very creative with pretty much nothing! Right up our alley!
    So-hows the porch? Mine-sucking!
    The whole thing with 8 and her arm has really thrown me off. So, new deadline-how about the 15th? that gives us about 8 days more. so-get to it little missy. It's not like you have anyting else to do-like a 7 month old. Come on!!
    SOrry for the long post-just kept on rambling!

  7. how fun for you! no 3's in my life except for 3 kids right now (and for a while!) my lucky number is 5 but no 5's for me today. love all the cute ideas and can't wait to see the pears. so crafty you are!

  8. I wish you were my visiting teacher!!! I think that it is cute you had a 3 day! How fun!

  9. That is amazing! And thanks for the VT gift idea - I am so using it this month!

  10. Your blog is darling. I love your ideas. I especially like the visiting teaching idea. Wanna come be my VT? The teacher idea is great too, I'm always searching at the last minute for cute gifts, now I have one, THANKS!!!

  11. so funny!! I felt like I was watching Sesame street! hahaahh
    Those pear urns are cute!!

  12. Just wondering what the beachtowel saying says...such a cute idea!!

  13. Curious what the saying on the beach towel is as well. Such a CUTE idea!


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