Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Need Beach Tips

(Picture of Lincoln City Beach - I Google searches)
So we are going to the Oregon Coast (Lincoln City) from July 5th-10th and having never been to a beach with children do any of you bloggers out there have any tips on what I should take and things that are helpful besides sunscreen and towels? I did learn one tip from my friend Ellen and that was to use baby powder to get sand off. She said it works great! Also if any of you have been to Lincoln City what things are there to do? HELP!!

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  1. Oh Rachel! I'm so jealous! Lincoln city is my favorite! We used to go every summer as kids.. and now that we're married, and wel... poor it's a little harder to make that trip every year!

    The best place for Salt Water Taffy is Candyland. It's a candy store RIGHT on the highway in the more north part of downtown lincoln city.
    There is a cool kite store called "Catch the Wind Kites" that has REAL kites - not dollar store cheapies. Kites are a lot of fun with kiddos!
    Of course there's the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport - which isn't too far, and our kids loved it last time we went over there.
    There's the HUGE outlet mall there - which even has an OLD NAVY OUTLET!
    A good place to eat clam chowder: Mo's! It's in "taft" oregon which is kind of like Island City is to La Grande - just a little south of town. They have yummy seafood.

    Ok - is this Too much information? I love the bach! So much fun! I know they also have a public pool, but it's been SO long since we've been to that (like since I was in High School) who knows how it is now! Take some sand toys, camera, towels, waters and just let the kids have fun!

    Again - i'm SOOO jealous!!

  2. WHat fun!
    I have never been to that beach, but we did hit the CA coast with our kiddos last year, and let me tell you it was THE BEST!!

    We made sure to take LOTS of sand toys. Goggles and snorkles are always fun. We also found boogie boards for $10 this year at Marshalls (a discount store here, do you have those where you live?) The kids love them.

    Snacks and juice boxes were also a hit with my kiddos. And an umbrella was a must to get the baby out of the sun!

    I can't wait to see what you post when you get back. I love beach pics!!

  3. Brandy the first comment poster pretty much hit most of the great points in the area. I didn't know about the baby powder. I'll have to try that next time I am there. Old town Newport is great. Also on the down side just be prepared for fog, wind, and chilly temps on the beach. Lots of extra clothes. I am SO excited for you since I know how long you have wanted to go! How long do you get to stay?? Hope you have a great time :0)

  4. Only beach tip i have is freeze water bottles and take them with. In the hot sun they thaw nicely. If you take water it gets hot quickly.

    When we went to the beach a few years ago, nick was loving water and i was afraid he'd run out into the ocean. So we had him watch Jaws so that wouldn't happen. Worked like a charm. Didn't say i was mother of the year but it got my point across.

  5. Rachel how fun for your family!!! We love going to the beach. We took the kids last year and it was a blast. I would agree with the snacks and such but if you are planning on taking your stroller make sure it doesn't have little wheels they sink in the sand. Also the kites were great for the kids to watch/do. Dave has a nice one that the kids like to watch and chase so we got them some cheaper ones and it worked like a charm. Have fun!

  6. I love, love the Oregon coast. However, it is COLD water. We always go in July and we are wearing sweaters and windbreakers. And we still love it. Best buy would be a WINDbreaker. We love to fly kites. We buy the cheap ones when we get there and the kids play with those for days. Throw away when we leave. You do still need sunscreen but I'm serious, you'll need jackets. My kids don't mind the cold water at all. In fact, we can't keep them out of the water. We find we really get back to nature at the beach. No fancy toys, just a bucket and my hubby always brings a shovel for digging the greatest sand castles EVER. I'm sure we've dug to China many times. We stay in the Tillamook area so we are at the Cheese factory EVERYDAY for cheese and ice cream. Find some tide pools, they're the best. Eat the local fish. It's heaven. Have a great time!!! I'm so jealous. LOVE Oregon!!

  7. We also went in June and it was really cold and windy. We wore jackets the entire time and really didn't even play in the water. I imagine that kids would love to play on the beach. We explored the Aquarium in Newport along with "Ripleys Believe It or Not Museum". Of course we went to the outlets, but mostly we stayed busy with the sight-seeing. Have a blast. Really truly, dress warm.

  8. My big tip is to bring warm clothes, too. The water is FREEZING, and when the wind blows at night it gets pretty nippy.

  9. I have nothing to tell you! NOthing! Guess thats what you get when you live in the desert. The only thing that I can come up with is SPRAY SUNSCREEN! I know that it is a bit more expensive-it is on sale at Target-price match baby!
    Who wants to wipe sunscreen all over a bunch of kids and a hubby! NOt me! So I suggest get 2 or 3-you will be so glad that you did. one more thing-i saw a beach cart at Target. It could hold a cooler and all the towells or 4 or 5 beach chairs. It was the bomb! If you don't have a target-i would think that this little baby would be worth going online for. Kids, beach, and a bunch of crap!!! You need this-come to think of it-I need this too! Perfect for the pool! Maybe I could find other uses for it! Leave it to us moms to figure that out! SO-i guess i did have some info to pass along. WHo knew? Also=what is your favorite scent? Cataloupoe, metaway melon, lavender vanilla! They all rock!! I am a freak about these things!! A freak!! Trust me-I know all!! Ha ha!!

  10. Lincoln City is our favorite! (Only an hour from here) Get some kid friendly kites! some good sand toys and just enjoy!!! GO TO MO'S!!! Best place in town!!!! IT has a great view and my kids love it as much as we do!

  11. Hey Rachel, Ray is working on the road to Lincoln City. You will have to call him and at least wave as you go by. Kites are a good idea, and sand toys. I also think it is wise to bring lots of drinking water and some music. It has been a long time since I was there. If Kara didn't have dance camp, I might come say hi and visit the beach too. Have fun

  12. Oh, and life jackets for peace of mind.

  13. Also bring some sort of sunshade, like a large umbrella or one of those pop up shade tents. It will be good to have a place for the kids to shade up if it is really hot, and for the little ones to nap under.

  14. never been there, but sounds fun. I'll have to remember that about the baby powder.
    ps. I had to have a frosty because of your post. I hadn't had one if forever...years. Well, I was disappointed. I think Houghts spoiled me.

  15. I think getting sand toys is a must. Sweatshirts and long pants for evenings. Boogie boards are wonderful. A cooler to keep drinks cold. Have fun! I love the beach. It's my favorite place ever.

  16. Our favorite place to be as a family, is the beach! We have time shares in Hawaii and Cabo so we can vacation there with the boys.

    Here's my big tip...

    As long as you have your camera- you'll be able to get everything else you need! It's easier for us not to pack 14 bags and pick up a few things (especially the sand toys and bulky stuff like that), than to worry about lugging everything there.

    I used to make the mistake of trying to "bring everything with us" and in my attempt to "not forget anything"... I drove myself crazy! And my hubby... poor thing... besides worrying about 4 carseats, and stollers and playpens etc - he had SOO much stuff to carry back and forth that he'd get tired just getting us all situated.

    The bottom line is... have a great time-- pack light, and take lots of pictures!


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