Saturday, June 21, 2008

Because He's Grandpa That's Why!

Well as you can tell that's not me feeding my 7 1/2 month old daughter Cola soda (caffeine free). Tisk, tisk Grandpa.......But you know what, She LOVED it! I better watch this girl, gotta keep her off the sauce.
Okay enough with the photo intro, the kids and I are in Tri-Cities visiting my parents. This is the only time I could get up here before soccer starts and before our vacation to the Oregon coast. So we came up yesterday and will be going home Monday. We have been visiting and also doing a little retail shopping.
I had to get myself to a scrapbook store and restock my supplies because I am having a scrapbook getaway as soon as we get back from the beach and I mean as soon as. My lovely little friend Shauna is coming from Idaho and She, Bridget, Myself & whoever else wants to join us are going to scrapbook until our eyeballs fall out. Should be a blast I can't wait. Well time to get my kiddies to bed. It's been a long exhausting day shopping. Don't you just feel sorry for me? Just kidding! Later.
Note to self: Addison's top left eye tooth broke through today. 6 teeth total: 4 top, 2 bottom.
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  1. Grandpa's are the best. Shopping is seriously tiring (and fun). Enjoy!

  2. ♡ Great picture! I have one of my dad feeding Emma twinkies when she was really little! Have fun at your folks! :)

  3. MAN!!! Ok, so start saving your pennies to come see me after I squeeze out my kid...and then you can teach me how to do all of the cute scrapbooking that you do.

    How's THAT for a get away??? Sounds fun, huh?!???!??!! Maybe I can bribe a plane ticket or 2 from Satan for you and Melissa....

  4. Shoot! I was hoping to chat with you at church today, but I have 2 puking kids, and a out of town hubby! No fun to be me today.........

  5. ok-I am a bad friend! Look at all the things that have been happening at your house.
    First-I love the black and the pics! Super cute. I so want these! They would make me smile and feel skinny every time i looked at them!!
    I do constructive things when I get mad too. You think I have all this time to do things-no I just get mad a lot!! Not kidding either!

    Gotta love when grandpa feeds or drinks the kids. My f-i-l gave 8 ccol whip when she was 6 months old. he thought that he was so funny. i thought it wasn't funny-after all-she was my first and I was a little anal :)
    Ok-I know that this is going to sound totally crazy-
    how long would it take me to get up to your neck of the woods? And would i be invited? I am serious-I am thinking seriosly that i would like to come and scrap like crazy. I am thinking of all the things that you all would make me do. then bridget could bring all of her stuff that i always wanted to see and learn how to make!
    Really-tell me. Just figure I live in Logan. I am an hour south of there. Really-if it can swing it with my hubby-I am serious-I mught be thinking road trip. That is if you want me to come. Maybe I am not even invited.
    Let me know. I will keep you posted!! Thanks babe! :) hahaha

  6. I have a few scrap weekends myself coming up. Too bad we can't hook up to do one. What's meeting half way? Kansas? :) Glad you're finally getting to the coast! Can't wait for those pics.

  7. I'm just reading your teeny tiny "note to self" 6 teeth?!!! Holy cow. Wyatt = 0 teeth

  8. I found you from Laura and Melissa's blog.

    Grandpas are COOL!

    Is it bad that my almost 2 yr old picked up the Walgreens ad yesterday and said "soda" since he saw it on the front page?

  9. yeah, we missed you at the elder quorum's activity. That's fun you could get away though and see the parents and do some shopping.
    oregon coast sounds fun! I wanna do that.

  10. haha Ohh Uncle Max :) I found you on here- I don't really even know why I have a blog but my page is really ugly... RACHEL help me :) haha


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