Monday, May 12, 2008

Parker's Baptism Day

We had a great Baptism day on Saturday for Parker. He was so calm about all of it. I asked him several times if he was nervous and he kept telling me no. We had 2 great speakers and had lots of family and friends show up. We felt bad for those that were unable to attend, but with it being Mothers Day weekend alot of you were out of town and we totally understand. We do want to thank all our family that came in from out of state. We know it's hard to get away from work but we are so grateful that you came.

After the baptism we went out to eat at a local pizza place (Parker's choice) and then we took all the boys to ride go-carts and then they all went swimming. It was a very busy day. Now I need to clean my house yet again. It's seen the effects of 6 boys & 1 lone girl running around. Plus all of us adults. I'll post more pictures later.
Total side note:
I apologize again for my little "stress out moment" on mothers day. Sorry Lloyd, Mom & Dad, Bonnie, CJ, David, Tyler, Channing, Calob, Jentry, Parker, Brinley, Corbin & Addison. I was just getting a wee bit stressed the more the day progressed. I so need to figure out a better way to handle stress. It was just a long weekend with all that went on plus that fact that I was running on very little sleep as my baby was also. Cranky baby + tired mom + lots going on makes me very freaked out after a while & sometimes I lose it. I'm sure after almost 14 years Lloyd is used to it. But for the rest of you I'M SORRY. I'm not perfect and I hope that I'm forgiven. I have decided I don't do well in the Head Honcho Dept. I make a much better side kick. I'll help out all you want I just don't want to be in charge. ;)
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  1. Wow! sounds like you had a great weekend too. Tell Parker that I am so proud of him and that he is such a handsome young man. I have got to get my fanny over there to see you guys. Maybe after school is out. Don't worry about the stressed out moment, we ALL have them. Luckily those closest to us understand anyway. Take care.

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! Congrats on the baptism!

  3. ♡ Crazy busy day! baptism, dinner, go-carts & swimming! CRAZY! Who wouldn't be stressed... It's definately easier being the side kick...

    The kids must have had a huge blast!!!

  4. Dear Rachel you were just fine, yes it got a little, crazy, but that's how it go's when you have a lot going. it was great, that is your meal's was wonderful. and i'm sorry that I coulden't help that much. maybe in 2 year's I'll be a new woman. and Parker was just great little man. xoxoxo to you all. Love Mom and dad. M.

  5. Congratulations Parker!!! It is amazing how much work a baptism can be!!! Good job Rachel!!

  6. Great pictures of the big day, he is so handsome! You have a very beautiful family! LOL at your mom's comment, a new woman in 2 years, You are wonderful the way you are Louise!

  7. Parker looked so grown up and handsome! We have eight year olds- yikes. Thanks for inviting us.

    Awesome family picture by the way, I looked really "swollen" in mine. I'm jealous!

  8. Congratulations Parker! What a fun time! Sorry we missed the big day. See you this summer!

  9. how exciting! Congrats Parker! Way to choose the right!

    and cute family pic!!


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