Sunday, April 06, 2008

What! Already!

So I was playing with little Miss Addison tonight around 12:15 am okay so this morning, I'm not sure why either of us was up, but she pulled my thumb in her mouth and wouldn't you know it a TOOTH! What! She's only 5 months old!
She was never fussy or cranky and she took 2 really good long naps today. All my kids have been really good when they are getting teeth, thank goodness for that. I'm pretty sure we will be seeing tooth #2 here any day because her gums are swollen right next to the first one. My kids usually get them 2 at a time. Man this girl has been busy she's just sprouting stuff all over the place, first her hair is growing back in and now teeth. Crazy baby! I guess it's time to go buy a little bitty toothbrush. Hopefully I can get some better pictures when it's not 1:00 o'clock in the morning. Off I go to get some shut eye, conference will be starting before I know it. :)
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  1. ♥ Holy cow! My kids teeth really well too! I remember crying when Emma got her first tooth. Then the last 3 it was oh they got a tooth. Now what am I going to cook for dinner! :)

  2. Wow, that's early!! How cute though!

  3. Great pics of the tooth! It looks like the next one is coming soon! It's great when they can do that without fussing!

  4. Lucky, Malia is still teething at almost 8 months and has been crying and drooling since 4, Why Me! Keep em coming girlie.

  5. You can totally see the tooth. That's nice you didn't even know it with no fussing. Good for you!


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