Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Pictures Of The Week

Corbin saying his prayers It's not much but at least I posted SOMETHING today. Tonight the kids have their School Carnival, should be a good time for all. I just hope we don't come home with some new illness. The school is always packed to the gills with people.
Many people + small space=Nothing good

And yes I know I post more pictures of Addison. But she's the only one that can't go anywhere, so she gets the camera in her face whether she likes it or not.
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  1. Cute, cute pictures. I love the candid shots. Thanks for our chat yesterday. You are a good friend. Peaches, yes! I'll leave the light on. Anyway, have fun at the carnival tonight. I always avoid the face-painting area. Wet paint+close contact= stains for sure. Talk to you soon.

  2. great pics of daily life. Them are sometimes the best. Have fun at the carnival and I hope you don't get any ickies. I usually am just as happy to come home from those and have all the kids get in the shower.

  3. ♥ I love the picture of Corbin praying, so cute!

  4. ♥ Yay that Addison is feeling so much better!

  5. Well like you said, Addison is the one that changes the most. Love the random pictures. That picture at the top of Jentry looks a lot like Brinley. I didn't think they looked that much alike, just a bit but that picture, wow. Have a great weekend hun.


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