Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Stolen Goods

Well, really I paid for them. Mc Glasson's is a Hallmark store here/soon to be was in our town that is going out of business/retiring, and I got all of this CUTE Halloween stuff for 75% off. I got over $100.00 worth of stuff for 30.00 bucks, I felt like I was stealing from them because it was so cheap. I LOVE IT ALL and the best part for me is it's cute Halloween not scary Halloween stuff.
I think I like Halloween in April, oh and a little Christmas.
I just love a bargain.
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  1. ♥ Cute stuff! I like the "This Home Believes" and the little bat stands! Right on with the good deal!

  2. I love the "This Home Believes" too, so cute, way to go on the great deals!!

  3. How come I can never find anything like that for a good bargain??? I usually pay full price for everything it is so weird. Anyway really cute stuff.

  4. What a deal! I love holiday decorations. I love the witch with the huge balloon head the best =)

  5. Thanks for writing this.


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