Friday, April 25, 2008


So we are just going to wait and see how she does over the weekend. We never did go to the Pediatrician. But they said if she seems worse by Monday to bring her in (well duh) I never did get a real answer, so this is the best that I've got. She does have her lovely cough back again, and she is also sounding congested.
I think I have a defective baby.
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  1. If she's on amox, and it's bacterial, that would take care of it already. The fact that she's 'getting congested' signals to me viral. I don't have a crystal ball and am not there in person and don't have an MD, only a 9 year derm nurse BUT, my best guess is viral, it will run it's course over the weekend and by monday she'll be fine. It may get worse tomorrow tho if it just started. Hang in there! :) Love ya kid.

  2. ohhh that is terrible! Hopefully she gets over it.

  3. Hi, sorry about Addison. I'm assuming she's doing better since you didn't post anything today. It looks like my kid's reaction to amoxicillin. Let them know in the future so they don't prescribe it again. love ya! szogger


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