Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Am Still Alive

I know some of you are wondering where the heck is she? I really have just not had much to say lately. Plus, I wasn't about to post more boring stuff about me or my kids just to post something for the day, not only do I think it's boring but you may think so as well. So I have been waiting for something interesting to post about & here it is.
My latest and greatest quilt blocks!
These didn't turn out perfect, but heck I'm surprised they turned out at all. Melissa's for some reason always turn out better than mine. And Melissa is like the quilt block queen, I have never watched anyone punch out these blocks as fast as she does. She has a secret I just know it... :) Maybe if I didn't sit and talk/goof off so much I would get some done faster too. Hmm.. it's a thought.
We are getting close to the end of this class & it has been fun getting out of the house for 2 hrs every Tuesday and spending time with friends. Nothing like some away time from the kiddos to help recharge your batteries.

Okay I know this really wasn't that interesting, but I was getting guff from a couple of friends for not posting. Sorry I'll try to be better.... Really.

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  1. oh my heck!! Your STUFF is NOT boring! I love reading your blog and hearing all about your children. You have a beautiful family and are a great Mom to those kiddies.
    Keep Blogging!!!!

  2. I like the way you're turned out better! I think I should have done a different color where you did you flower triangle! Oh well. I'm definately not taking it out (too much work)!

    Love them! Now to finish...

  3. Yeah! You had something new for me to read. Love the quilt blocks I wish I had the time to that stuff. You all are very talented!

  4. hello. I'm on my #100 post in it's about 'batik giveaway'. I wonder if you are interested to participate.
    and I hope you don't mind telling your friends about this.
    thanks before.
    I'm waiting for you in my blog.

  5. The colors in that quilt are so pretty! I really like that reddish pinkish bright color. It makes me thirsty for a strawberry lemonade.
    ps. I hope my comment on the last post wasn't offensive to you. I've been thinking about it all week and hoping that it didn't hurt your feelings in any way.

  6. they look so good! What a fun quilt it is going to be!!


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