Tuesday, February 05, 2008


My 76 yr old bud called me this afternoon and invited me to "crash" their quilting class that they are having in their ward, & I though why the heck not, so I quickly ran downtown to Quilt Therapy and bought enough fabric to make a cute quilt for Addison. I always make a quilt for my babies, but didn't have time to make one for her because of all the construction and such, so I am making up for it and learning a little bit of Quilting 101 as I go. These pictures are terrible maybe I can get better ones tomorrow. But for now these will have to do. The colors of this fabric is so darn cute, brown, pinks, robins egg blue, yellow, and green. You gotta love MODA fabric.
And SUMMER, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the yummy homemade doughnuts, they were ever so tasty and very thoughtful of you two. Your so sweet! :)
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  1. I hope some day i get a talent! Quilting would be a nice one to have. We never have 101 classes they are always for people with a Ph D in the subject so if you don't know the basics forget it. That's me i know nothing.

    We have 4" of rain that fell btw today and yesterday. Wish it were cold enough b/c that would've been a foot of snow! UGH! Where's the white stuff???????????? I'm soooo jealous of your snow. That's just not even fair.

  2. ♥ Love it! I want to learn someday... :)

  3. Oh soo cute! Love the quilt. Hey we were also hit by the doughnut ghosts :) Yum Yum.

  4. Everytime I see quilts I wish I knew how to do it. I think blankets or in this case (Homemade) can be such an heirloom that represents comfort and love. I LOVE the colors and the quilt. Super cool!

  5. I want to learn to do that! I love the colors :)

  6. Thanks for braving the storm to go with me, it wouldn't have been the same without ya!

    I was thinking- If I'm Silvia from the golden girls what does that make you my quilting friend? Blanche?

    ;o) Bridget

  7. That quilt IS so cute. I love those flowers.
    You're welcome! Glad you liked the doughnuts. :)
    ps. wait till I make twinkies! ;)

  8. Rachel it's wonderful the quit is gona be super cute/ Keep up the good work. we love you. Mom


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