Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Day

How is it already halfway through February?!? I know these gumballs have made their rounds (pun intended) and my thanks goes to Hilary as she started the gumball idea, and to Bridget for reminding me of the idea for today. I made each of the kids gumball valentines 77 to be exact. I had the kids write out their names on their store bought ones and we stapled those on the backs of the gumballs. Worked great! I did screw up on Brinley's I forgot to shrink the font size so her labels are bigger width wise than the bag. Kinda bugged me but I wasn't printing new ones. I only took a picture of Jentry's & Brinley's but Parker's look just like his brothers. I still think I may use this idea for Soccer this summer.
And yesterday my sugar cookies class wasn't really a class, I felt like a complete MORON having people watch me dump ingrediants into my Kitchen Aid. Really, we didn't need a class on this as we have ALL make sugar cookies at one point or another in our lives. Never again.
As for tonight seeing as we don't do Valentines day much around here. We are getting Papa Murphys Pizza for dinner (I get the night off) and then Lloyd has to go back to work. So it'll be me with sleeping kids while my DVR & I go on a date. I swear the older we get the more boring we get.
Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day!
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  1. oh what a cute idea! I wish I knew about that earlier. I would have made some for my class at the gym. next year I guess. :)

    those cookies look store bought! yum...hey uh.. I think I need to come by your house..yeah yeah...;)

  2. too cute! I'm doing gumballs for my VT people!

    You'll have to share your recipe for cookies & frosting!

  3. Boy those kids are going to be hyper with all that red 40! :):):) Nice job on the cookies. We don't do valentine's day either. Groundhog day of course is my favorite february holiday and i cleaned up this year on gifts on that day so a card will do for today. Altho i did get a rose and rick got a reeses cup. He ate and is off to school and i'm with you tonight, date with the dvr and a good hockey game!

  4. You didn't sound like a MORON! If I hadn't of made them before then I would have wanted to know consistency and stickiness of the dough etc. I saw several people who were keeping their eye on the way you did stuff!!!

    My v-day will be just like anyother day too!!! BORING... :)

  5. Rachel you are very talented! I wish I was more like that. Those cookies look so good I want one really bad. You will have to post the recipe!


  6. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing! Everyone could use new ideas on cookie making. Besides it probably includes sampling your efforts right? Yummy!


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