Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Craft Is Back!

I actually sat down last night and tried to find a little of my scrapbook mojo. I think I found it and I may be a little partial but I think this page turned out stinking cute! It's much better than Jentry's birthday post below (sorry buddy I'll try to get better) but I am a diehard PAPER scrapper all digital will be reserved for this blog of mine. This is the first page that I have done for Addison & now I want to do more!

And how could I forget--THANK YOU MELISSA! She is the one who came over to my house and helped me cute-ify my blog. I love my new "look". :)

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  1. At least your is back because mine is now gone...

    I love your layout. And I love how you drew and cut out your frame!!! Good job you!!! :)

  2. I need some of your mojo. Share! If you weren't so talented i wouldn't care! :)

  3. Love the page! I'll just bring my stuff this weekend and you can share your "mojo" with me. Better yet I'll sew and you scrap ;o).

  4. Rachel you do a super job in all that you do we love you verry much dad and Mom


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