Monday, January 07, 2008

A Little Surgery...

Well Parker is going to the Hospital tomorrow morning at 6:30 to have his Tonsils & Adenoids removed and a tube put back in his right ear. He doesn't get a good night's rest because he stops breathing and that wakes him up plus Jentry is ever so grateful as he will no longer have to listen to Parker snore like a freight train so maybe he'll get a good nights rest from now on as well.
No more ear plugs for Jentry!
Lloyd is taking him because I have to stay home to get Jentry and Brinley off to school & take care of Corbin & Addison, but it does feels weird that I won't be there when he goes in for surgery (again) but I know Dr. Petrusek will do a great job! Parker is just looking forward to the Root Beer flavored Anesthetics and all the ice cream & Jell0 pudding he can eat!
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  1. Here's a good luck to Parker and to YOU... I know I always get nervous when one of my kids has to "go under"!

  2. Aw poor guy. Rick had throat surgery to cut out part of the flesh in the back of his throat a few years back to help correct his snoring and they didn't remove his adenoids. I was SOOO mad!! He still snores like crazy. Nick had tubes but macy never did. Of course nick's lack of sleep and all the ear infections were due with great thanks to all the red 40 and yellow 5 he had. Stupid artificial colors. Oh the things i wish i knew back then that i know now! Good luck Parker.


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