Friday, December 14, 2007

{ Late As Always }

I'm late posting her six week anything but here is Miss Addison at 6 weeks. I was going to post this on Wednesday but I had a Dr. appointment check up for myself and all our kids have had colds & our house has basically been the Third Circle of Hell.
It's been really hard for me to function with my house is such disarray. So things have been getting ignored, my blog being one of them.
But we got the boys room painted and then I proceeded to punish myself further and painted their bunk beds.
But they are in their "new" room and my house is slowly looking back to normal.
And today I have been making cookies and pumpkin cake, we are going to my obgyn's house this evening to give him a gift for putting up with me for the last 9 months.:) Plus we want to see their new addition that they are doing on their home. So it will be nice to visit with them for a bit and even nicer on a friend basis not Dr/Crazy pregnant lady.
School is officially out for the holiday season as of 2:30 today, so you may hear from me a little more as this is my outlet from going completely insane.
I will post the recipe for the pumpkin cake later as it is ever so tasty - you will never want regular old pumpkin pie again!

Happy baby, Happy baby, Not so happy baby! 

And yes I know pj's don't consist of an outfit but you get what pictures you can when you can. And Pj's with hair bows? Why Yes I Think I Will! :)
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  1. AW! How cute!
    Hope everyone feels better soon. I'm so glad we don't have to get colds any more. You're right, it's miserable!

  2. You'll have to tell me how the addition looks. I heard that they were adding on but wasn't sure how far they've gotten. The boys room looks very nice. Love the bunk beds too. Emma broke hers!!! :)

  3. She is such a doll! Did you make her bows yourself? If so you must teach me.

    I'm doing well. Slowly going crazy being stuck in this bed but it will be worth it. I don't care what the doctor says I am come home on the 31!

  4. I love big ol' bows!!!!! And, with Pj's? Of course you must!!!

    I'm sorry though, I can't imagine being friends with my OBGYN!! Eek!


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