Tuesday, December 18, 2007

{I Am Going Crazy!}

Lloyd went to Seattle yesterday for work meetings, I wasn't exactly thrilled with him going because that would mean I am stuck at home with the Fab 5. I know when he asked me about going I said it would be no big deal but, I've changed my mind!
He left yesterday at 1:30 and I am counting the minutes until he gets home. Because........
The 2 oldest have been well less than stellar for the last 24 hrs. I feel like I am going to go crazy if I have to break up one more fight.
And we are talking about fighting with lots of hitting each other and I believe at one point they were slapping each other as well. Nice huh?

All I can say is I am leaving Lloyd with the baby after everyone goes to bed and I am going to roam around Wal-mart and finish my last minute shopping. Too bad he doesn't know it yet. :)
But on a happier note, Addison is my super baby. She went to bed last night around midnight and didn't get up until 7:00! IT WAS SO NICE, but then again I was dying as she really needed to wake up to eat.
I have been trying to get her used to her sleeping in her own crib instead with us, and so far so good. She has been taking all her naps in there during the day and I love it. I put her in her bed while she is still awake and she puts herself to sleep.
What a good girl!
As much as I LOVE rocking my babies, I need them to get used to their own bed. She also loves to sleep in her swing lately too.
She looks so much like a Merrill in this picture. 
Everyone says oh, she looks just like a Berry. I think not. 
She looks a whole lot like me when I was a baby. At least that's me and Lloyd's opinion.
Well I am trying to decide if I am going to punish myself and take all 5 kids (alone) to our Ward Christmas Party tonight. The thought of doing it is not very appealing at the moment. As this is the one ward activity where everyone plus all their relatives show up. We are talking standing room only.
But at the rate these kids are going, odds are good
that we will stay home and do NOTHING. We shall see.
Anyway sorry for the mindless rambling I think I just need to talk to
someone or something at this point. Well off I go to endure the rest of my day.
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  1. oh what a good baby girl. don't you just love that! Sorry you stuck with all 5 by yourself. You should come to the party to have some adult interaction and just let your kids run wild. We're a "Ward Family" right. That means we can all watch the kids. :)

  2. Awesome that she's liking the swing lately and great that she's letting herself fall asleep in her own bed!!! :)


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