Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I was just checked and am at a 6 & they shut off my pitocin, head is nice & low too... And really the contractions are tolerable they don't last too long - about 45 seconds and are about 2-3 mins apart. I am so glad I am not having back labor (knock on wood) I'm getting there!
Updated: They turned my pitocin back on as my contractions were not as strong and they were not lasting as long. I actually asked them to turn it back on, I know odd request why would anyone ask for more of the Devils juice but I knew it would help me to dilate and get her here faster. So the pictocin did it's job I did dilate and when it was finally complete I only had the pushing urge through 3 contractions which on the 3rd one is when she came out. She had her cord wrapped around her neck once but Dr. Hibbert got that undone and out she came. She was crying nicely about 5 seconds after she came out and was good and pink as any girl should be. I was so relieved to have her out, that I actually thanked her for coming out of me. She is by far the most cheesy (vernix? not sure of spelling on that on) baby I have ever had. My other kids maybe had a tiny bit in their creases but Addison had it EVERYWHERE and thick. She has a little bit of brown hair, not much, as why would it be fair for my girlie's to have hair? So I am very glad that I bought her a ton of hair bows. What we lack in hair style we make up for in accessories :)
Anyway you all know her stats are on the post above this one, just thought I would get this typed up while I was thinking about it and while she is sleeping. :)
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  1. Hopefully you are typing via- epidural! I've been waiting for the "she's here" call so hopefully not too much longer. Hang in there and soon you'll be in 2 pieces rather than one!

  2. I am so excited for a new Berry to join our family. Hope all is going well. Let us know

    The Georgia Berrys

  3. Again, you're more than a woman than me. GIVE ME DRUGS!!!!


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