Friday, October 19, 2007

His eyes were bigger than his stomach.

Edited 10/20/07
The cause of Parker's illness was, I believe too much junk food and staying up to late. He never did throw up and was acting a little too normal for my taste considering he was "sick".
The night before he said he was sick I had given all the kids a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar and then Teija came and brought more dessert as the guys were all working in the back room and Parker being the boy that he is had 2 HUGE helpings of Cake and a whole lotta ice cream.
I do believe that Gluttony was the culprit.
So it's been 4 days --- I do believe that's the incubation period, and now Parker is not feeling so hot. He woke up this morning saying he felt like he was going to puke, so he went back to bed with his bucket and next thing you know he says he wants to go to school. Well fast forward about 1 hour.
He's now home, Lloyd went and got him from school and he is now in his bed with his bucket watching Transformers bundled under his feather comforter.
We have not had any vomiting yet from him but I'm sure it's coming..... Sigh does it ever end? And if this bug is working out like it has been, Brinley is due to be sick on Tuesday.. I should just pencil it in on the calendar.
Well back to my contractions/sick kids.
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  1. That sucks... I almost think it's better to just have them all sick and get it over and done with! Good Luck. ME

  2. i'm so very sorry! Hang in there!

  3. Nope it never ends. I feel for you! Hopefully you don't get it. Eeek!


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