Monday, September 17, 2007

What Famous Leader am I? A Personality quiz? Hmmmm

Yup this is the leader I am suppose to be most like. Nice huh? I wouldn't necessarily call him a leader though. I guess it's all good considering I have been a raging ball of hormones with lots of nasty contractions.
But I have to say that I agree with what the description says. "You are not afraid of confrontation". That says it all.
So I guess this means that me and Saddam will be shoveling coal together one day. Thanks for the test Melissa, my day is complete. . And I had a good laugh about it!
But where may I ask is the woman side of this, why do we have to have the personality of a man? Things that make you go Hmmmm.........
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  1. Nice picture, for sure pregnancy isn't agreeing with you. I know there are those hormone things and it increases hair growth, but that little stache you have going is a bit much!

  2. You're very welcome! :) I thougth it was fun and you're right the confrontation thing is totally you!!! And yeah what's up with no women on the list!!! My sis Gayle was Abe Lincoln... Joe was Einstein... huhhhhhh

  3. You still have to do the movie one!!! :)

  4. hahhah that is so funny. ok, now I want to try that.

  5. okay so I took the test and then I took the movie test. That was fun. you should take the movie test. It would be fun to see what you got


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