Thursday, September 06, 2007

{ First Day of School }

There was a little girl who had a crooked smile.

Well, we survived Brinley's first day. I held it together extremely well as she got on the bus, I'm pretty sure I got all my eyeball water leakage out last night. She had fun and can't wait until Monday when she starts going every day.
Corbin was as I expected-wondering where in the heck Brinley was. He kept saying all morning "where brinwey" (brinley). I'm pretty sure he's not that impressed having me as a playmate. It's a good thing she is home by 11:00. :)
I promise not to post anymore beginning of school pictures. At least until next year that is.
And yes I get these kids looking at the bus shot every year. 

Sorry about posting yet another one, but I had to get one with all 3. I'm a mom it's my job.
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  1. Of course you have to get a picture with Brinley too! Can't be leaving her out! :) 2 more years for me and I'll have 3 going off to school. How would that be???

  2. One day you'll have 5 heads in that bus picture! Macy has a leopard print back pack too. Come to think of it i took that picture and didn't post it.

  3. They all look so cute! I wish I could take a bus picture ;o). Brinley's outfit is so cute in person, love the socks.

  4. Love your pictures Effie...don't stop!!!!


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