Wednesday, September 05, 2007

{ Baby Dr. Appt. }

I had a Dr. Appointment this morning and found out that I have gained another 5 pounds! Holy helmet! How is that possible in one month?
I have gained a total of 13 pounds with this baby.
Oh, the Horror! :(

I know some of you are totally laughing at me right now or just saying shut up, but when your already overweight & as big as a freight liner to begin with adding anything extra completely stresses me out. I suppose I should get my butt back on my elliptical. But oh the tiredness I feel doesn't make me want to "work out". Even though I soooooo know I should. I just need to make myself do it, I could always nap later, right?
Doc said that everything looks good and if I could give him 4 more weeks without any more bleeding problems then we can breathe a sigh of relief as the baby would be far enough along that if I did go into labor he would be ok with delivery her. And I have officially moved into the every 2 weeks Dr. visits so this pregnancy is coming to a close sooner than I would like. I still feel really unready to be a mom to a newborn again.
I sure hope that changes when she comes out. I was talking with my cousin Donna at the park on Saturday and we both saw a mom walk by with a newborn in a car seat. My cousin was all--Oh Rachel your gonna have one of those pretty soon. And I was like HELLO!! SO NOT READY! I don't have that please let me hold your new baby syndrome. What is wrong with me?
Well, that's my update. Oh & I passed my glucose test with flying colors. Hip Hip for me. Yes, this post is a total Debbie Downer... I know... I know.....
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  1. It's different when you look at a total strangers baby and don't feel that "need" to hold a new born. But you know the second your baby girl is in your arms you're going to melt... I'm excited to hold her, that's for sure! :)

  2. Hi, I know you don't know me...I'm lurking through Dawn's blog--she mentioned something about your slide show so I had to look... I don't know why I feel compelled to say this, but it's ok to feel the way you do. If, after you have the baby and you still don't feel like you're bonding or you're depressed please talk to someone. Hopefully all will be wonderful and you'll 'melt' when she arrives. Just remember though, hormones are crazy things, but you aren't! Take care.

  3. Awww Rach...You're not a debbie downer...

    And I agree with Melissa...when you hold her in your arms for the first time, you'll be a puddle...and it won't matter what you don't feel right now...


  4. Congratulations on your second baby girl! How exciting!! I didn't even know that you were pregnant! Glad you found our blog!


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