Sunday, June 10, 2007

{ A Guilt Post }

I was having guilt because I didn't post a picture of Jentry (he saw the blog)-- so here is one from last September that I liked. I told Jentry I never get pictures of him because he never sits still long enough.
So now that the boys are out of school I am going to be better about getting pictures of all the kids, plus I prefer outdoor pics to indoor any day. 
So hopefully this blog will help to "encourage" me to do better.
I plan on using this blog so everyone can see our day to day BORING life & it's as close to a journal as I am ever going to get, so read this blog at your own risk. Anyway be proud of me today I posted 3 times....... Yippee!!
Now I should probably tell the rest of my family about this blog because hello only 2 people know about it. :)
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  1. Ok...Corbin is SO big!! And a cutie!!!

    You're not lame...


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