Friday, September 21, 2007

Babies! Babies!

The Babies are here!
Congratulations go out to my friends Gail and Laurie!
Gail had her baby yesterday afternoon a little girl named Alana & my friend Laurie had her baby boy early this morning and they have named him Tate.
Congratulations! Your now all freaking me out. I do believe in my group of friends that are pregnant I am the next one up to bat. How has this pregnancy gone by so fast? I'm not ready!
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  1. Swing batta batta, your up! I can't wait to hold her anyway so hurry up!

  2. I agree...There's nothing like holding a newborn baby!!!

  3. That's a sweet picture. Don't worry Rachael. You'll do just fine.

  4. Speaking of babies 3 days ago, where's the poll?? I need to see a few tiny heart twinging things :o).

  5. Hey Rachael, where are you? You're not having that baby now are you? You haven't posted anything lately. Well, Lloyed did say you were feeling sick. I hope you feel better.


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